10 tasty meals that are rich in Vitamin E

10 tasty meals that are rich in Vitamin E – Many foods that are rich in vitamin E, which you can consume and also very healthy for the body. This is supported by research studies that prove that this vitamin lowers the risk of someone affected by cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Refer to the more information a matter of vitamin E below.

10 tasty meals that are rich in Vitamin E

Functions of vitamin E for the body

Vitamin E has antioxidant function, i.e. keeping the cell damage due to free radicals, which are typically produced when the body is exposed to the UV rays, cigarette smoke, pollution and the leading cause of various cancers.

Then, vitamin E has an immune function, namely to protect from disease.

While children need 4 to 11 mg of vitamin E daily. Fortunately, many foods that are rich in vitamin E so that you can meet the needs of your daily intake. You actually don’t need vitamin supplements in your diet already balanced its nutrition value.


So what are the food sources that are rich in vitamin E? Check out ten of the type below.

  • Taking an ounce of almonds equivalent to 7.4 mg vitamin e. Additionally, these beans contain B complex vitamins, potassium, and iron. You can also mengonsumsinya such as the processed almond milk or almond oil.
  • Kuaci, sesame seeds, and dried pumpkin seeds also contain the same vitamins. In fact, consuming one-quarter cups kuaci almost meet 95 percent of your daily vitamin E requirements.
  • The spinach. In addition to vitamin E, this vegetable also contains other important vitamins and minerals that the body is required.
  • Radish Greens. Although it feels a bit bitter, radish Greens contain folate and vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin e. Consuming radish Greens can meet Your daily requirement of 12%.
  • Wheat seed oil. Taking a scoop of grain seed oil you can Meet 100 percent of the daily needs. In addition, it’s the olive oil also contains 5 mg of vitamin E.
  • Peanuts hazelnuts. Taking an ounce of peanuts hazelnuts can meet Your daily requirement of 20%. You can eat it directly as a snack or a coffee blend if crushed.
  • Half the pieces of avocado fruit is equivalent to two mg of vitamin e. in addition can be used as juice, avocado can be enjoyed with fresh bread or eaten directly.
  • These vegetables are indeed very popular among a list of healthy foods. Consuming a cup of boiled broccoli can meet your daily needs of about 4 percent.
  • Besides being rich in vitamin, mangoes also contains potassium and fiber. Consuming a cup of mango juice is equivalent to 1.5 mg vitamin e.
  • Despite having a low calorie value, Tomatoes contain potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin e. consuming the equivalent of one cup of tomato mg vitamin e.

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