4 things that need to be done After Sports in the evening

4 things that need to be done After Sports in the evening – Sports at night could be an alternative for you who are busy throughout the day with various activities or employment. Regular exercise is indeed so one of the keys to keeping your body fitness. But if the time you choose to exercise it in the evening, there are several important things to note.

4 things that need to be done After Sports in the evening

Just sometime after sports in the evenings, so less sleep soundly. Could even commute woke up in the middle of the night. Well, in order for it not to happen, try to do this after 5 sports at night.

1. Take 10 minutes to Relax the muscles of the body

If before the sports need warming up, then after sports need cooling. Try to take 10 minutes to do simple movements to loosen rigid muscles. So that the heart rate can go back to normal.

2. Bathroom with cold water

After the exercise, the body temperature can rise. Here, we need to stabilize body temperature back to sleep more soundly. One way, like that offered by elitedaily.com, is by using a cold water bath. So after doing sports and cooling and sweat is already dry, try to take a bath for a bit.

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3. A short meditation to lower Cortisol Levels

Offered from ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, in a study of the year 2013 meditation a few minutes can help lower the levels of cortisol in the body. So that later can sleep better. Simple meditation can be done while sitting cross-legged is a fairly closed his eyes, and then set up breathing to make the body relax.

4. Use The Essential Oil (Essential Oil)

Lavender-scented essential oils is one of the types of oils that can help relax your body. So in order to sleep better after exercise at night, trying to breathe in the scent of lavender or create scents that relax the mind in the bedroom.

Oh yes, one more important thing to note is preferably done in the evening sports 3 hours before bedtime. So don’t be too budget with a night’s sleep schedule

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