5 Healthy Reasons to Eat spicy foods

5 Healthy Reasons to Eat spicy foods – Cayenne pepper, red chili, green chilies, peppers–there are so many different types of hot peppers that you can buy on the market. However, did you know that spicy foods have benefits other than the adds to the rich taste of the cuisine?

5 Healthy Reasons to Eat spicy foods

Spicy foods, such as chili and peppers, rich component called capsaicin. It is this component that, according to the researchers, making spicy foods are beneficial for Your body and health.

“What we know about capcsicin is, they have the ability to increase the body’s resistance to disease,” said Cary Present, M.D., an oncologist a medical at City of Hope Hospital in California, citing the Health,

Eat chilli-pendowoharjo village also could boost the immune system, and from what we can tell from a large study in China, those who are consuming the chili several times a week have a longer age. ”

1. Alight weight

“Capsaicin increases the stimulation of the fat Brown, who helps the metabolism,” he added. Spicy food can also help Your cravings.

Researchers from Purdue University found, eat spicy foods can lower the food tastes and reduces the amount of calories you consume.

2. Healthy Heart

Chili and turmeric have many benefits for heart health, according to Michael Miller,M.D., Professor of medicine kardivaskular at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Good saffron or red chilies launch circulation of the body.

“Capsaicin can affect the blood vessels and make it widens. This will culminate in a decrease in blood pressure, “he said. Capsaicin can also prevent blood clotting.

“Turmeric (curcumin-rich) has elements of a powerful anti-inflammatory,” he continued. “This could help reverse the damage that occurs in the blood vessels. Research carried out my colleagues at the University of Maryland shows, it can lower the bad cholesterol and prevent increases. ”


3. Long life

The secret of longevity could be fed chilli is. A study conducted by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Harvard School of Public Health examined the eating habits of 500 thousand people aged 30-79 years in China, within a period of five years ago They found, people who eat spicy food six or seven times a week lower death risk  as much as 14 percent.

“This figure is not huge, but significant statistically,” said Dr. Presant. If this is not convincing enough, Dr. Peeke examines the idea of spicy food extend the age this way: “Eating spicy foods help prevent cancer, you will have a healthier heart, and they help you lose weight . All of the above simultaneously can really help you live longer. ”

4. Prevent Cancer

“Curcumin has a surprising effect against cancer cells,” said Dr. Presant. “There is a good laboratory evidence that they work reduced the growth of cancer cells and prevent it altogether.”

The study found the curcumin has a positive effect on slowing breast cancer, cervical cancer, and cancer of the stomach.

While capsaicin, a study from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles found, this substance kills 80 percent of prostate cancer cells in mice, without harming normal cells. “Capsaicin also block cancer cells,” explains Dr. Peeke.

5. Relief of pain

If you feel pain or pain from arthritis or migraine, doctors often use a cream containing capsaicin in it. Although you could try rubbing the sore area with chilies, Dr. Present recommends to continue using the cream. That’s because the cream last already contains concentrated capsaicin, and already proved effective.

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