5 Tips to Apply Your Lip Liner Like a Pro

5 Tips to Apply Your Lip Liner Like a Pro – No, wearing lip liner before applying lipstick is not compulsory, but it is going to help your lipstick seem more beautiful and also make it last longer. Thus, the main thing is to understand Lip Linerhow to utilize your eyebrow lining the right way. So, are you prepared to get absolutely stained lips without a vague borders? This is the game-plan prepared. Just read.
Sweep the balm together your lips to smoothen and moisturize them until you apply the lipstick.

Keep the lining blunt

Don’t sharp your liner pen to this exceptionally thin point if you would like to block your line from appearing unnatural. Maintaining the lip lining point a little blunt can help you draw liner that may combine easily with the lipstick.

Hold your liner directly

Makeup professionals advocate holding liner pen at 45° angle. Do not give excessive stress else it will provide you jagged lines. Maintain the pressure minimal whilst wearing eyebrow.

Prepare a foundation

No, lip liner is not simply to line your lips up. Rather, use it to create a foundation for your own lipstick. Distribute the liner lightly on lips to make an outermost layer coating of colour. There are a couple of advantages of the strategy. Your lipstick will survive more. Along with your program will not seem patchy. And extend the top X lines towards the corners of the lips. Now produce a very small arc at the middle of your bottom lip. Now draw lines out of the ends of this arc such that it finishes in the corner of the lip. This technique can allow you to highlight your Cupid’s bow at a notable way. And it is a hint to this ideal sexy-looking pout!

The naked lining works finest!

You might think – there’s not any purpose of applying eyebrow if it does not have any visible colour, but a lot of your favourite celebs are already rocking naked liners just like a boss. A bare liner won’t be observable naturally, but it is going to allow you to avoid colour bleeding and blur borders. What is more, as soon as your lip colour is worn off, your lips will not be left with a line round the borders.

Cross online for fuller-looking lips

If you would like your lips to look fuller, then draw a line marginally beyond its natural edges. The lining color should be fitting the natural colour of your skin


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