6 types of nutrients needed By people with Leprosy

6 types of nutrients needed By people with Leprosy  –  In addition to taking medication regularly as prescribed, already people with leprosy also should pay attention to his nutritional intake. This is done to help speed up the healing of the leper. Then what are the nutritional intake for leprosy to be met?

6 types of nutrients needed By people with Leprosy

Overview of leprosy

As already mentioned above, people who are at high risk of leprosy affected are those who are undernourished (malnutrition). Therefore, their immune so low so easily infected with the disease.

Therefore, it is important for people who have leprosy to note his nutritional intake. This was done to help the healing process of leprosy, in addition to the doctor’s prescription drug consumption. The following variety of nutrients can increase the durability of the body so as to help the fight against leprosy.

1. Vitamin A

In addition to good for eye health, vitamin A also plays an important role as a supporter of the immune system and help repair damaged skin. Well, because of that, people who have leprosy requires intake of vitamin A to help speed up the healing process.

Vitamin A is one of the types of fat soluble vitamins are found in meat, liver, milk and processed egg products, fruits, and vegetables (such as carrots and sweet potatoes).

2. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also important for the immune system. Especially when the body gets an attack of chronic diseases due to viruses as well as the disruption caused by oxidative stress. Not only that, also either vitamin E is consumed to preserve the health of the skin and eyes of people who have leprosy thanks to antioxidant content that can ward off cell damage due to free radicals. Nuts and seeds such as crude, kuaci, almonds, and peanuts are a good source of vitamin E.

3. Vitamin D

Quoted from various sources, it is known if people who have leprosy are likely to be vitamin D deficient. As a result, they are more susceptible to infection.

Your body will produce vitamin D automatically when exposed to sunlight. Well, vitamin D can help reduce inflammation and irritation in the skin that is experienced by the patient of leprosy.

Apart from direct sun exposure, vitamin D can be obtained from salmon, sardines, mackerel, eggs, cereals and milk powder enriched with vitamin D.


4. Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that the body needed just a little bit. Even so, these minerals are instrumental for improving the body’s defenses against disease and speeds up the healing of wounds.

Well, because of the wide variety of benefits are made of zinc to be one of the intake of nutrients for leprosy which must be met. Zinc can be obtained from red meat, whole grain breads and cereals, dried beans, and seafood.

5. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants, which serves to ward off all sorts of free radicals in the body. Because these functions, vitamin C may help protect the body from infection, prevent the more severe cell damage, and help collagen production which serves to attach the bones with the lepers. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, mangoes, papaya, strawberry, and vegetables such as tomatoes, broccoli, and potatoes.


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