All illnesses depend on your lifestyle!

All illnesses depend on your lifestyle! – For so long, we have been conditioned to believe that our genes are stiff and unchangeable; and they alone define our wellness and longevity. We anticipate chronic disease to be treated just like the frequent cold. Have a pill and return to work.

lifestyleYou can not cure diabetes or obesity using a pill; a few pills (such as statin drugs) really increase your chance of developing diabetes or having a heart attack, and if you have the normal American diet which is made up of more than a hundred pounds of processed white sugar and corn syrup annually–you are in fact allowing diabetes. And for diabetics who’ve been conditioned to believe about diet sodas and artificial sugar will maintain your blood sugar stable–think again. Sugar substitutes are poisonous compounds that kill your nerves. Literally–it arouses them to departure.

We’ve been intentionally prepared to look to a person outside ourselves for answers–when all we really have to do is look inside. In early times, we had our tribe, our loved ones, and our neighborhood. We handed our inherited knowledge from generation to generation, and everything that brought us pleasure, that treated us, that made us wiser and more powerful–is encoded within our DNA. We have to simply recall.

If you are old enough to recall the incredibly popular “Marlboro Man” television advertising campaign (1955-1999), then you recall those smokin’ hot cowboys–that showed us that filtered cigarettes weren’t just for martini sipping housewives.

But we learned our lesson didn’t we? We no longer blindly believe pseudo science, paid for and conducted by tobacco companies to sell us cancer-causing cigarettes; or pharmaceutical companies to sell us cancer drugs that give us cancer; or foods laden with pesticides that poison our gut. We learned right? And after all, we now have legit TV doctors to explain the latest research so we can trust the validity of new drugs and food safety.


We. Learned. Right?

The study of immunology is relatively new. Just a couple decades ago–no one understood the importance of the gut micro biome in the prevention of chronic disease. You could say the greatest predictor of true immune system health is the state of the gut. Trust it! The antibodies in your immune system contain the memory of all the diseases that your ancestors overcame. Everything you need to know is already inside you–made possible by the evolution of cellular DNA memory and your mother’s breast milk.

What thousands of epigenetic studies have taught us, is that merely possessing a specific gene, does not guarantee the expression of it. Telomeres are DNA pieces at the end of chromosomes that act as protective end caps. Every time a cell divides, the chromosome end cap gets shorter. Once a chromosome gets too short, it dies. This process has been associated with rapid aging and death. We now have the science to show that people who consistently maintain high levels of physical activity have significantly longer telomeres than those with a sedentary lifestyle. High physical activity gives you a biological aging advantage of nine years over those who are sedentary! (Study listed below)

Lifestyle choices can engage our cells to perform at their peak. All of us can consciously choose to engage in behaviors that enable our genes to heal us, not harm us.

In the words of Deepak Chopra and Rudi Tanzi:

“You will always have the genes that you were born with, however, genes are lively, responding to what we believe, say, and do. Suddenly they have become our most powerful allies for individual transformation. Whenever you make lifestyle decisions that optimize the way your genes act, you are able to achieve for a country of health and satisfaction undreamed of even a decade ago. The effect on avoidance, resistance, aging, diet, and chronic ailments is unmatched.” (From the novel, Super Genes, join under–highly recommend)

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