Boy with heart transplant, Dies On First Day Of School

Boy with heart transplant, Dies On First Day Of School – Individuals diagnosed with congenital heart disease frequently struggle the condition until they desire a heart transplant to provide them a fresh lease on life. This is exactly the identical situation with 13-year older Peyton West that has had three open heart surgeries before he even reached the age of five.

Boy with heart transplantPeyton finally got a heart transplant in March 2017 after doctors confirmed that his own heart is currently failing. All appeared well after the effective operation and Peyton was already excited for the upcoming school year; nevertheless, he fell on his way into Goshen Middle School and passed off after being rushed to the hospital.

Peyton’s parent stated that the adolescent was his usual lively self that afternoon and he even introduced for the ritual “First Day of School” photograph, but he suddenly began feeling that something was away throughout the car ride, 15 minutes after.

Something’s wrong,” Peyton told his dad, Corey West.

They instantly changed their path and forced their way to the children’s hospital at which Peyton passed off at 10:45 am.

Peyton’s household was utterly shocked by his sudden departure.

Life is precious,” Corey explained.
A Mysterious Passing

Based on Peyton’s parents, they’re still not certain what happened to their kid since he appeared to do well with all the new hub, even when they had to stop by the hospital several times because the transplant, even when they believed his body was rejecting it.


The Facebook webpage “Pray for Peyton: Living with HLHS/Heart Transplant,” handled by the West family registered Peyton’s struggle with hypoplastic left heart disease, in addition to his actions and progress following the operation. They noticed a few symptoms the teenager exhibited following the operation but doctors confirmed that Peyton’s body didn’t deny the center after careful testing.

“We have spent the last week getting tests and lab work done to try and figure out why he has had a cough for three weeks and why he is so tired all the time,” the household revealed on July 30.

Peyton was admitted to the hospital for some tests but results revealed that rejection was adverse and also the origin of the symptoms remained a puzzle so his physicians focused on fine tuning his medicine and even advised him to get another biopsy in 3 weeks.

“We don’t know why. We don’t understand it but we know God has a purpose and Peyton touched so many lives in just his short time here … thank you for praying and for being there for Peyton and our family,” Corey voiced.

An autopsy will be conducted to ascertain what triggered Peyton’s departure and his family expects that the outcomes would have the ability to assist other families.

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