Don’t Get Me Wrong Select Soap, So That The Skin Stay Healthy

Don’t Get Me Wrong Select Soap, So That The Skin Stay Healthy – Bathing is an important part in maintaining healthy routines. Especially after being exposed by the germs that can stick to the skin along with dust and dirt. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the bath SOAP is able to fight the bacteria while cleaning the dirt and maintain skin health.

Don't Get Me Wrong Select Soap, So That The Skin Stay Healthy

As we already know, the benefits of bathing are to maintain cleanliness and health of the skin and hair.

Natural materials and friendly to the skin

It is important to choose the material that is friendly to the skin, so that the skin can be maintained clean and to avoid irritation. Choose a light-based SOAP, which generally contain natural ingredients such as fruit. For example, a SOAP containing apricot fruit was able to slow down, to prevent, and fight free radicals, which can be one of the causes of damage to the skin, for apricots contain antioxidants.


In order to clean the pores, you can use fine grain containing SOAP or scrub. This smooth green ear clean skin surface to the pores with lift and reduce the buildup of dead skin cells and impurities from the skin layers.
Although the effectiveness of SOAP is generally the same, but there is a choice of SOAP with antibacterial ingredients intended to give priority to the cleanliness of the skin to stay healthy. Especially in certain conditions that allow affected a lot of exposure to germs. Like when ill or caring for the sick.

Another Way Of Maintaining Healthy Skin

In addition to bathing regularly and correctly, another way of keeping healthy skin can be done include:

Use moisturizer

Avoid showering too long because it can make the skin becomes dry. The recommended time limit for bathing that is enough about 10 minutes. After the bath, it is recommended you use a moisturizer or moisturized. This is due to the humidity of the skin will usually join lifted at the time of the bath. Humidifiers maintain water content in skin tissue, so that the skin can be properly hydrated.


Use sunscreen

The use of sunscreen is essential for maintaining healthy skin because it is able to protect the skin from exposure to direct sunlight. Make sure that the sunscreen be worn is able to banish the rays, UV-A and UV-B, so that the appearance of wrinkles, premature aging, and small spots are brown on the skin can be prevented. Not only that, this step also reduces the risk of developing skin cancer.

Living a healthy diet

Skin health is also affected by the food that is consumed. If you want to have a healthy skin, it is advisable to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and lean protein, as well as avoiding saturated fats.


Maintaining healthy skin can also be done by means of regular exercise. This is because the sport is able to facilitate blood circulation so that it can make the skin become stay healthy.

So, wash with a routine at least twice a day, especially after the activity that causes the excess sweating like sports. This is because bacteria are able to reproduce rapidly in damp clothes full of sweat. Don’t forget to always choose the right kind of SOAP for your skin, so skin stays healthy.


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