A Day May Eat The Egg How Many Times? This Limit Be Safe

A Day May Eat The Egg How Many Times? This Limit Be Safe – However, on the other hand, the eggs also have cholesterol levels in it. Well, many are afraid of eating eggs because of the cholesterol content of mentioned can make blood cholesterol rise if consumed. In fact, in one large size eggs, there are as many as 186 mg cholesterol content and everything contained in the egg yolk, which is usually more popular than white.

A Day May Eat The Egg How Many Times? This Limit Be SafeIf so, how many eggs can be consumed in a day? Unfortunately, to date there is no definite recommendation related how many eggs can be consumed in one day. However, there is a suggestion of how much cholesterol should you consume in one day, namely:

If you are healthy and do not have any disease history, then cholesterol levels which can be consumed in a day not more than 300 mg.


If you have diabetes, heart disease, or have high cholesterol levels, then you are only allowed to consume the cholesterol is not more than 200 mg a day.

A study from the Mayo Clinic reported by mentioning that eat Eggs as many as 7 eggs per week is not going to improve the body’s cholesterol levels in healthy people. In another study, mentioned that the consumption of 1-3 eggs in one day does not make a direct body cholesterol levels rise. But again, this is only done on healthy people, when you have a history of a particular disease, you should discuss it first with a nutritionist.

Eat more white than egg yolks

Indeed there is no benchmark for sure how much the good eggs for consumption. However, if you are a fan of eggs, we recommend that you reduce the consumption of parts of the egg yolks, don’t be too often eaten. Eat the white part only. You can use the egg yolks as the mixture cakes or other food.

The cholesterol levels may be present in egg yolk cannot exceed the maximum limit which has been specified, but that has not been combined with other foods you consume that just maybe there are kolesterolnya. So, expect the egg yolks you eat or when you are afraid, set aside the yellow part.

Don’t just eat eggs, but note also of processing

In fact, cholesterol in your body will not instantly surged after you eat eggs. It depends with other foods you eat and how you offer it. Try to remember-remember how you cultivate an egg every day? When fryingpan, you always make it so scrambled, or fried egg, make sure you use oil or margarine as an ingredient for frying. Well, this which then can make your cholesterol levels to rise.

Oil and margarine have saturated fat content which if consumed in great numbers will create the body’s cholesterol jumped. So, don’t blame Your egg consumption only, Yes. From now on, preferably though egg with better ways, such as Braised or other means that do not use oils and margarine.


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