Eating alone is not good for Liver Health & Thoughts

As someone who always do anything themselves and independent, you may have become accustomed to eating on its own without the company of anyone. But you know, it turns out that eating alone had a negative effect to health.

Eating alone is not good for Liver Health & ThoughtsThe latest research from South Korea who published in the journal Obesity Research & Clinical Practice, revealed that people who often eat alone had a greater risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.

In a study done years 2013-2014 it is mentioned that people who eat alone at least twice a day, the more susceptible disease metabolic syndrome, three times more vulnerable to experiencing high blood pressure, cholesterol and prediabetes, than those who eat together or accompanied by other people.

Researchers surveyed at 7,725 people South Korea adults how often they eat alone. And as it turns out, the man who often eat alone had a 45% greater risk of experiencing obesity and 64% greater experience metabolic syndrome. Whereas in women, 29% tend to undergo the metabolic syndrome. Although the number is small enough on a woman, but could not be ignored.

Other studies have also suggested the existence of negative effects psychologically and physically about eating alone. Adults who often eat alone tend to feel lonely, feel excluded and most likely to eat foods that are not healthy (as a way of diverting the sense of loneliness).

Well, so should from now on do not often eat alone-often Yes. If it had a friend, invite friends to dine with you, let me not feel lonely. Because it turns out that eating alone was not well know for health.

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