what causes food allergies ?

what causes food allergies ? – You consume berries, you get hives. You consume shellfish, you smoke. Your kid eats peanuts, and you better have an epi-pen useful for anaphylaxis — a serious food allergy reaction which can result in death.

food allergiesFood allergies affect approximately 6-8 percent of all kids and 4 percent of adults. Luckily, many children grow from these since they age. However, what causes food allergies and everything could be done about them? Just like with any sort of allergy, food allergies are brought on by a faulty immune system reaction to a food allergen.

The immune system treats the particular food as an “invader” and generates antibodies to “combat it.” Next time you consume the exact same food, the antibodies let your immune system to release histamines and other substances and these trigger the allergic reaction to the offending food.

Food allergies, such as allergies to pollen, dust, [mould] spores and so on, are considered to be inherited. The allergic reaction to the offending food normally occurs in 15 — 60 minutes after eating it. Since the food is digested, gastrointestinal disorders, like nausea, cramping and nausea, can happen.


The allergens may also cause asthma, nausea, asthma and anaphylaxis, a life-threatening abrupt reduction in blood pressure. Eight foods, called the “Big 8,” are in charge of 90 percent of all food allergies: dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, wheat and soy.

This is sometimes difficult with specific foods, like peanuts, that show up in trace quantities in most foods. It is very important to read labels and to know about what you are eating. Antihistamines may be prescribed to treat symptoms, however, allergy shots appear to have hardly any effect on food allergies.

On the flip side, chiropractic adjustments are supposed to eliminate stress from the nervous system. By lowering vertebral subluxations (nerve disturbance), which trigger stress from the nervous system, the human body ought to be better able to adapt chemical pressure. Speak with your chiropractor in case you or a relative suffers from food allergies.

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