how to stop being a smoker

How to stop being a smoker – You already have all of the information regarding the hazards of smoking cigarettes, however why is it so tough to stop?

how to stop being a smokerOn the flip side, if nicotine is so addictive, and how can it be that some folks have the ability to fly in a plane with no cravings? A cocaine or heroin addict can’t do that.

It isn’t lack of information that’s the issue!

What’s lacking is the correct type of motivation.

No. You do not smell or taste as far as you used to, correct? Years go by, and that is the way the harm is done. So because you are feeling no pain, understanding the unwanted effects of smoking is not sufficient motivation. And because the vast majority of cigarette smoke are only from habit, you do not consider the dangers, in spite of the picture pictures on the cigarette package or dire warnings from your physician.

Motivation just comes in 2 flavors: fear, pain, distress… or self-interest.

Here is what I have discovered helps individuals achieve success long-term: focusing on the positive in contrast to the negative… about what you would like, rather than on what you do not want. Hypnosis is a working and amplifying tool which may allow you to do just that.

To put it differently, it’s more useful to concentrate on “being a non-smoker”, instead of on “not smoking”. Do your best not to think about a pink elephant at the moment and you will know what I mean. Do your best not to consider smoking and that is all you can consider… when do you have your next cigarette. For many smokers, considering “not smoking” causes great stress!

And if is stopping something a favorable? It seems like failure. Focusing on the positive, and on being distinct in scenarios if you used to smoke is exactly what makes becoming a non-smoker more sustainable.


Do you want to amplify more anxiety and stress in your life?

When you’ve picked your day to turn into a non-smoker, cutting back the amount you smoke daily as opposed to quitting “cold turkey” is overriding. It is going to be hard and also turn your world upside down.

The important thing here is to create experiences of delayed gratification as opposed to generating fear of anxiety which compels you to smoke more.

Slimming down to 2-3 smokes every day by smoking a brand you do not like and changing your ritualistic smoking behaviours will make the transition much, much smoother. Unfortunately for many, with nicotine substitute, you haven’t addressed the hand which still reaches for a cigarette from habit. It is not about compounds; it is about raising self-awareness, also you can not place self-awareness at a pill or patch.

Bear in mind, it’s likely to be an adventure which will inspire you to stop, 1 way or the other. Either way it is going to be an experience of awful news from the physician (or worse) that compels your hands and is generally not so agreeable… or it’ll be an adventure of delayed gratification, which is undoubtedly much more enabling.

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