The way Medicines Can Affect Your Looks

Medicines Can Affect Your Looks – If you are on regular medication and also have a new problem from the appearance department, there might be – only may be – a connection between both!

The way Medicines Can Affect Your LooksHealth and beauty go together, they state, and there is no denying that a individual at ‘the pink of health’ includes a glow all of his very own. However, curiously enough, some medications which improve your wellbeing can harm your looks. That is right – they allow you to feel better but seem worse!

Says consulting lotions Leslie Marquis, “Medicines, particularly those used during a lengthy time period, may have side-effects on epidermis, teeth, hair, nails and body contour, impacting your complete look. Sometimes, the appearances are so obviously influenced that it’s clear to a physician that the individual is really on some long-term drugs. Not all medications have such side-effects, needless to say.” Let us take a look at a few that perform:


A prime place for side-effects to appear, occasionally in the kind of new blackheads and pimples. These are really very benign but debilitating into the beauty-conscious!

Steroids, more prescribed for a variety of ailments such as asthma, allergies, arthritis and skin issues, can cause pimples.

Vitamin B12, which can be enthusiastically taken to enhance the epidermis, can create pimples on a number of people. Oil-based ointments, when implemented on the surface, may also provide you a place or two.

Medicines can indicate the skin in different ways also. Birth control pills can give you faint, dark spots on the lips or make the entire epidermis extra-sensitive to mild, so that you tan easily and seem darker. ACTH, a medication that might be prescribed for chronic sufferers of asthma, allergies or arthritis, can create dark spots. Beware of over-the-counter lotions which are “guaranteed” to clean up stubborn skin problems like fungal or ringworm infections. “I have seen some unfortunate instances of skin nearly being burnt out using these creams and ointments, leaving dark spots which take years to fade,” says Marquis.

Too much vitamin A can produce the skin plump. Severe dryness can be a side-effect of anti-leprosy medication (though, of course, no one would mind a little bit of dry skin whenever they can eliminate this leprosy!)


Men might not crave a beautiful complexion, but hair is 1 factor of appearances that’s valuable to nearly everybody – regardless of age or sex. Medicines may have undesirable side-effects on the entire scalp too. Some girls on the pill suffer thinning hair while some report baldness four or three weeks after giving the pill up. Generally, baldness because of drugs grows back with time. A few anti-malarials can turn the hair gray and that, sadly, is irreversible.

Yet other medications will force you to sprout hair where you do not desire it.



Prolonged utilization of tetracycline (prescribed for a variety of types of ailments such as respiratory ailments and acute acne) may coulour claws yellowish. Ridged nails is just one slight side-effect of anti-cancer medications. Prolonged use of particular anti-biotics can cause the nail to separate from the bed, but that is uncommon.


Until lately, teeth have been considered essential gear for chewing gum and that was all. Now that fantastic teeth have become a very important part of good appearance, you are going to wish to understand which medications can dim their glow. Tetracycline, that could be granted for something as ordinary as diarrhoea or kidney issues, can permanently stain the teeth of kids, turning them brown or yellowish. Says dentist, “Normally, physicians won’t prescribe this medication to kids below thirteen. But when the mother-to-be takes it through pregnancy, the child’s first pair of teeth might be yellowish.” A few anti-tuberculosis drugs can slowly provide an orange hue into the teeth. Kids that are given different fluorides for strengthening the tooth enamel might get mottled teeth. Dentistry, “Specific drugs given to epileptics can expand the teeth so much that they (the teeth) reveal over the teeth!” If your medicine comprises the medication bismuth, a blackish-purple line can develop around the perimeter of their gums. However, no cause for alarm – after the drug stops, the gums and teeth generally return to normal.


Your medications can offer relief and a couple of added pounds too. Steroid drugs would be the huge culprit in this regard. Users create a jumbo appetite and also the consequence of all that excess eating shortly reveals.

The puffiness is the most evident on palms, face, ankles and breasts.

Diabetics, that are often requested to keep their weight in check, might feel hungrier because of their normal dose of insulin, resulting in obese. Tranquilizers and sleeping pills are all made to slow you down, so you’re burning less calories. Therefore, if you don’t consume less, tranquilizers can make you heavier than before.

Middle-aged girls who suffer with symptoms of melancholy find aid with hormone treatment. This however could cause them to seem bloated with fluid that is retained. Tonics that claim to produce kids grow are often appetite stimulants. They can make a kid eat more and put on weight, without a promise that he’ll also develop taller.


Occasionally even one dose of medication could force you to break out into a rash, then grow red patches around or go bloated from the face. That, naturally, is the individual allergic response, not a normal side-effect. This sometimes happens if you can’t tolerate the medication or the additives and dyes within it.


If you guess that the medication you have been carrying is impacting your appearances in 1 manner or other, what do you do? Go on and ask the physician if there’s a hyperlink. When there is, possibly the harm can be lessened. As an instance, if you’re on drugs which boost your appetite, then you can combat the additional appetite with low-fat foods. The bloating because of fluid retention might be controlled by restricted salt ingestion. Together with different difficulties, ask whether the medication could be shifted, or the potency lowered. Check whether you’re able to safely take a brief break from the medication. Obviously, do not change anything until you ask the physician – you might wind up losing more than just your looks!

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