Vape Are Safe?

The popularity of the electric cigarette (e-cig, Vape) among teenagers and workers now are skyrocketing.

The supposition that the present way of smoking or paving is safer than conventional cigarettes and can even help to quit the habit of smoking makes Community smoking electric mushroomed everywhere. However, is it true that such a reality? be aware of the following experts said.

Vape Are Safe?

Electric cigarette (e-cigarette) or also called electronic nicotine delivery system is a battery-operated smoke. Variants of electric cigarette are very diverse, ranging from e-cig, e-cigarette, Shisha or Vape vaporizer, electric, and mods. Generally, smoking electric, consists of four distinct components, such as storage or cartridge containing liquid (liquid), heating elements or atomizer, batteries, as well as the mouthpiece or the megaphone breathe used for smoke inhalation resulting from combustion and heating the component.

What Are The Content Of The Liquid Electric Cigarettes?

Before discussing further, let’s examine the content contained in the electric cigarette.

  • Nicotine. Most electric cigarettes contain nicotine, which is chemically addictive. When to stop using it, you will experience some of the impacts of addictions, one of you will become more emotional or even feel depressed. Nicotine is also not well used by people who have heart problems, is harmful to the fetus and children’s brain development, and can affect one’s memory and focus resources.
  • Propylene glycol and glycerol. The main components of the electric cigarette liquid other than nicotine contained in some of these products can decompose when heated, and is transformed into toxic compounds such as formaldehyde, namely the chemicals commonly used in building materials and may cause cancer.
  • Diacetyl. This substance is associated with lung disease called bronchiolitis obliterans are rare. A condition that causes permanent damage to the bronkiolus (the smallest Airways in the lungs).

Electric Cigarette safety and effectiveness as a replacement for Conventional Cigarettes

So far, experts say that the use of the electric cigarette is considered safer than smoking tobacco. The reason, electric cigarette produces no harmful smoke, like smoke smoking tobacco containing carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. However, this does not guarantee that smoking electric fully secure.

Electric cigarettes had called one of the alternative ways to help stop smoking. Some people do find it helpful to stop smoking tobacco with the electric cigarette smoking. But in General, yet there is evidence of accurate scientific research to ensure it. To stop smoking tobacco, you still advisable to consult the doctor by searching for effective measures that have been proven to help stop smoking tobacco.

Is it true that Smoking is electrically Sparking children and adolescents to smoke?

Based on research, adolescents who have never smoked tobacco cigarette but already electrical risk six times more likely to smoke tobacco in the future. This is because they want to feel the effects of nicotine. And more teens are choosing electric cigarettes compared to conventional cigarettes for those who have never smoked anything.

Other risky emerging hazards is children who accidentally ingest because poisoning the liquid from the electric cigarette. This could happen because the packaging nor the taste of fruit or candy in liquid smoking electrically attracted the attention of children to consumption.

Other facts about the Electric Cigarette

There are separate regulations issued by the food and drug watchdog organization in America, namely:

Adolescents aged under 18 years are prohibited from buying an electric cigarette, either through online or directly at the store electric cigarette. The seller is also required to check the identity card electrical cigarette buyers.
Strictly prohibited giving samples of electric cigarette free.

This organization also obliges producers to register electric cigarette and got the approval of the sale of them.
Another risk to consider is battery electric cigarette-related defects, which can cause a fire and explode and injure the user electric cigarette and people around him. Electric cigarette is a technology that is quite new. Indeed when compared to conventional tobacco cigarettes, electric cigarettes impressed more secure. But experts agree that current research will still need to continue to review and monitor the impact of electric cigarettes on health.


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