What Happens During A VI Peel Treatment

VI Peel Treatment – VI Peel is a gentle chemical peel that’s used to nourish and enhance the skin so that it looks fitter VI Peel Treatmentand younger. This really is a painless procedure with minimal downtime so it’s very good for anyone looking for a fast and secure method to secure better looking skin.

Ahead Of The Process

Before beginning the process, the professional will wash out the area of skin that you wish to get medicated. This cleaning is completed with acetone.

The Peel Procedure

After your skin is completely washed, a coating of this VI peel is applied over the region. The entire procedure can take approximately 20 to 45 minutes. The precise time will be based on the area which has been treated and the desired benefits.

Following the necessary software, the peel is left in your skin. Within the ensuing six months, the peel will self-neutralize and your skin will begin to appear and feel smoother and shinier.


Following The Peel Procedure

This may go on for the next three to four times. The peeling process ought to be done around the seventh day. At the time your skin needs to be feeling smoother and also have a healthier tone.

Taking Care of Your Skin Following The VI Procedure

For the best results of this VI Procedure it’s quite crucial that you take the appropriate precautions to prevent the chance of adverse response. As an instance, among the most essential post-treatment precautions would be to remain out of sunlight. Exposure to sunlight can trigger off a negative response.

Additionally, you should avoid using any kinds of skincare products such as lotions, sun screens or make up remover to the treated skin to get a couple of days following the procedure. Rather, the only item you may utilize is the contents out of the article peel kit that you will get after you have completed the process. The kit includes various products with directions to utilize each one. For optimum results, you have to take time to browse the directions and follow them carefully.

The outcomes of a VI compound peel are noticeable gradually initially but the complete extent of the advancement gets outstanding after about half an hour.

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