Whether your daily Calcium Intake is enough?

Whether your daily Calcium Intake is enough? – Calcium not only needed for bone growth in the age of childhood only. These nutrients also you need until you get older later. Many people do not realize that her during this eats less food sources of calcium. In fact, this will cause a variety of disorders and bodily functions, especially on Your skeleton.

Whether your daily Calcium Intake is enough?

Then, how much calcium sources that should be consumed if not want disrupted bodily functions? What foods contain calcium that high?

What happens if the body is deficient in calcium?

How often do you eat calcium food in a day? In fact, not only You, are less concerned with the intake of calcium, but many people are not aware that they are over this lack of calcium.

In fact, a shortage of calcium or hypocalcemia can cause a variety of disorders of the body, such as:

  • Decrease in the ability of the given
  • Often experience muscle cramps
  • All of a sudden a few body parts feel Baal
  • Prone to depression
  • Bones become more brittle and easily broken
  • Problems on the nail
  • Early osteoporosis risk


Yes, osteoporosis are complications that often occur due to someone does not meet intake calcium since young. Although, the low calcium intake is not the only cause of osteoporosis, however, with consuming enough calcium since a young age, we can lower the risk for the exposed bone disease.

In fact, calcium that goes into the body, the majority will be stored in the bones and makes bones become solid and strong. When the body is deficient in calcium, then backup the calcium in the bones will be taken. This then makes your bones so fragile and vulnerable.

How many sources of calcium that should be consumed in a day?

To prevent all the disorder, you have to meet the need for calcium. Each age group has a different calcium needs. According to the nutritional adequacy of the figures issued by the Ministry of health of INDONESIA year 2013, calcium that should be consumed per day rate:

  • Children ages 6-9 years: 1000 mg per day
  • Children ages 10-18 years: 1200 mg per day
  • The age of 19-29 years: 1100 mg per day
  • More than 30 years of age: 1000 mg per day

Then, what are the best sources of calcium?

Was not difficult to make Your calcium requirements are met. You are simply consuming foods high in calcium source, as follows:

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Sardines
  • The old green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and spinach
  • Soybeans and petrol, such as tofu and Tempe

You can also consume supplements containing calcium, such as CDR. On one tablet of CDR, contained 250 mg of calcium equivalent to 25% of your daily calcium needs. If necessary, you can consume the CDR to help fulfill your daily calcium needs.

If you are taking any supplements, do not forget to read the rules of use on the packaging. While, for the use of supplements in children, should consult first with the pediatrician before consumption.

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